Stiffness Tester, Fabric Stiffness Tester, Paper Stiffness Tester

Stiffness Tester, Fabric Stiffness Tester, Paper Stiffness Tester

Stiffness Tester, Fabric Stiffness Tester, Paper Stiffness Tester is used to determine the stiffness of fabrics. 

B-Tex Engineering provides Stiffness Tester of high quality, of high standard and with specified warranty.   

Stiffness Tester provides a quick and accurate method of determining stiffness properties such as flexural rigidity of most textile fabrics and other flexible materials. The principle of Cantilever Test method is used in it.  

Features of Stiffness Tester:

It has a solid aluminium base with nylon foot-rest to keep the base horizontal.

The equipment’s parts are made of stainless steel.

It has a calibrated scale.

Specifications of Stiffness Tester: 

Angle of inclination of intersecting plane to horizontal: 41.5°

Load on test specimen: 10 ±2 gm / cm length

Over All Dimensions of the Instrument: 275mm (W) x 140mm (D) x 150 mm (H)

Net Weight of Instrument: 3 Kgs.  

How Stiffness Tester works?

The Stiffness Tester is placed on a level surface and the levels are checked with the help of the sprit level.

The fabric specimen has to be cut into a size of 150 x 25 mm, with the help of Acrylic Specimen Preparing Template.

The test specimen has to be placed flat on the platform of the instrument.

The calibrated scale is gently put on the fabric.

The marking on the acrylic plate of the Stiffness Tester has to be viewed in the mirror.

The scale has to be then gently slided till the leading edges of the test specimen moves away from the scale and bends down till it touches the two inclined lines.

In case the leading edge is twisted, make the centre point of the leading edge coincide with the plane. If the twist is more than 45° disregard the reading.

The reading on the scale is noted down.

The test has to be repeated 4 times and the average bending length has to be determined.

All the test samples have to be weighed and their length and width has to be measured and then their areas have to be calculated and weight per unit area determined.

Flexural rigidity and Bending modulus are then calculated using the appropriate formula.

Stiffness Tester confirms with the international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.