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How we start Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment Textile Testing Equipment Manufacturing?

To fulfil the ever increasing quality control needs of growing fiber, yarn, fabric, garment, textile, Double Yarn, Spun Yarn, Bag, Leather, Carpet, Tapestry, Narrow Fabric, Jari, Film, testing like tensile, breaking, bursting, tearing, strength, twist, denier, count, beaker, laboratory drum, sample dyeing, fastness, Sublimation, Rubbing, Perspiration, Washing, abrasion, pilling, Shore Hardness, Color Matching, Dial-Analogue-Digital Ceramic Guide Tension Meter, Crease, Crimp, Shrinkage, Skewness, Bowing, template, scale, Automatic Digital USB Microscope, Reed Pick Glass, Stiffness, Yarn Appearance, Evenness, Round GSM cutter, Hydraulic cutter,  Scale,  Balance, Water, Repellency, Spray, Rain, Impact, Penetration, Coating Thickness Gauge Laboratory Testing industry in and around the city of Surat in South Gujarat in recent era, an idea was developed to set up full fledged independent textile research centre, textile testing laboratory and textile training institute for region. 

Considering such demand B-TEX Laboratory was started in the year 2004. Just within, 6-months of its operations, B-TEX became a No.1 private textile testing laboratory, online store of Testing Instruments, Laboratory Testing Equipments Supplier for commercial use.

B-TEX has been established to carry out research and development activities as well as to provide testing and technical service facilities to the man-made fibre to fabric, garment industry, chemical industry and process house in South Gujarat region. B-TEX also has a variety of short term textile training courses for weaving, designing, processing and laboratory technicians.

B-TEX also develops and sells textile testing instruments online. 

Turnkey solution to develop an in-house testing laboratory. These equipments are calibrated and certified by the measuring instruments which are traceable to National Physical Laboratory, Delhi.

tensile, breaking, bursting, tearing, strength, dyeing, fastness, Sublimation, Washing, abrasion

Foundation of Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Testing Equipment's Supply

M/s Mohanlal Nagindas Kapadia was founded in 1957, with the work of Jari and various kind of art silk fabric & Lace manufacturing, processing & trading related works. The new name of this most likely company launched by Mr Dharmesh Kapadia grandson of Late Shree Mohanlal Nagindas Kapadia for local region is with the name of B-TEX Laboratory and B-TEX Engineering in the field of textile testing services and also in textile manufacturing & trading.

B-TEX Engineering has presented the work of its legendary director over last 14 years. Established in 2004 as HUF. The unit is into the manufacturing of textile testing equipment like wrap reel, twist tester, utm, crock meter etc. The unit also offers testing and technical services to the garment and fabric industry.

We embrace research and science- bringing innovative ideas, product and service to advance textile industry and well-being of people.
Based in Surat, India which is the hub for textile industry, we offer a wide range of product and service to reach our targeted audiences and same valuable information focusing on retaining our customers.
We provide a wide range of equipment used for textile industry in manufacturing and retailing. We have the goal of providing affordable cutting edge product for those looking for textile testing equipment. 

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Important things that keep us moving towards achieving excellence in whatever we choose to do are our basic principles of VISION and MISSION.
Our VISION to exceed our customer’s expectations by continuously providing of cost effective products & services with special emphasis on quality - safety and environmental stewardship. We serve our vision as the framework for our Roadmap and guide every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.
Our MISSION is to continually come up with winning ideas of business which can enhance valuable customers for life long. Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.We work with and will always work with….

  • Integrity
  • Understanding
  • Excellence
  • Unity
  • Responsibility

"We strive to do better every day."  

Achieved by Yarn Fabric Garment Textile Testing Laboratory

Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Testing Equipments Instruments With International Standards

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B-TEX Engineering is an initiative by B-TEX, a group pioneered in research & development of Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Laboratory Testing Equipments Supplier based in Surat, India. Online store of Testing Instruments brings you facility to buy Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Testing Equipments online. Find and select individual specifications of instruments by clicking more and you can get online quotation or purchase by adding product to cart. 

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Research and Development in Textile Testing

Mr. Dharmesh Kapadia was awarded by South Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, with the hands of Shree Narendra Modi the Chief Minister Progressive & Swarnim Gujarat for his contribution to Textile Research & Development.

Testing Like Tensile, Bursting, Tearing, Strength, Tension, Twist, Denier, Count, Dyeing, Matching

National Award

Mr. Dharmesh Kapadia being awarded National Achievement Rajiv Gandhi Award for his contribution to Textile Research & Development 

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Online store of Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Textile Testing like tensile, bursting, tearing, strength, tension, twist, denier, count, dyeing, matching, fastness, abrasion, rubbing, tearing, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Instruments From Manufacturing Company.

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